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Artifacts of Place
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The Pillsburied Project focused first on the harvest and documentation of objects of historical interest – a facet of Mazrim’s day job as archeologist and historian. Although the ruined plant had been heavily salvaged and looted by 2023, a number of remarkable relics of the 70-year history of the mill – and of its employees – were retrieved and preserved.


An on-site exhibit of the artifacts was staged in a secure loading dock on the edge of the property. In September, the exhibit was opened to the public during a one-night event, and for the first time in over 20 years, a portion of the facility was lit and filled with area residents. The “Echoes of Pillsbury” exhibit was eventually visited by over 2000 people between September and December of 2023.


Some of those visitors were former employees, and their stories inspired an oral history project overseen by Chris Richmond. Those records are currently being edited and transcribed as part of ongoing curatorial tasks.

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