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Revisionist History
ADM19  2016

CD Disc 1

1. Respooling the Relic

2. Filtered by Limestone

3. Principles of Shallow Water

4. Napthol Impermanence

5. Vestigial Sideband

6. iBlue

7. Mistranslated Practices

8. iSky and Little Eyes

9. Squatters at the Launch Facility

10 Deleting the Relic

Virtual Disc 2

1. Khafra (Elongated)

2. A Third Wire, via Qurna

3. Village Broadcast

4. Very Near the Entrance

5. Respect for the Mechanism (lignum vers)

6. Rebroadcast, August 24

7. Another Moorlands Adjustment

8. In Front of Us

9. Deleted


This CD release consisted of specially prepared packages that included a manipulated page of pseudohistorical text (circa 1972), and a souvenir fragment of open-reel dictaphone tape collected as source material in Chicago in 1988.

In addition to the 69-minute CD, each package also contained a download code for a "virtual second disk" - consisting of special remixes and reconsiderations of old favorites. 

RH inside.jpg
Inside cover of "Revisionist History", with relic tape segment.
Preparing the hand-made cover art in the studio.
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