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Real Time Series

In 2016 we released a digital album called 3.2016, which included live-in-the-studio, real-time compositions recorded only a week earlier. The idea was to communicate with a little more immediacy than is typical to the process of releasing an album. Six years later, in 2022, we returned to that concept. We reconfigured our old studio, outfitted with a number of the same black boxes we used by the 1980s. Returning (again) to an earlier way of working, with an emphasis on the improvisational and unexpected results of playing such equipment “live”, we are embarking on a new series of performances/releases.


The “Real Time” series consists of occasional releases of live-in-the-studio performances posted on Bandcamp shortly after they occur, and for only a limited time. Post-production is minimal, and the idea is to foster a more ephemeral, event-based series of works.

Each piece is announced on socialmedia, released on Bandcamp, and then fades into the digital ether in a couple of weeks -  eventually to be replaced by another such performance. Little “live shows”, coming and going.


Some the tracks will probably be archived elsewhere at some point, but in the meantime, real time passes.

List of Real Time Releases as of 4.2024 :

03.20.2022  Fraudulent Folkways
06.04.2022  Conflicting Accounts
08.19.2022  3 Relic Cassettes (aired on the
                     radio program "A Duck in a Tree")
11.20.2022  Not Actually Moonlight
12.03.2022  Sacred Satellites
12.26.2022  Seven of Nine by Radio
04.20.2024  Mansion Prayers

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