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Patina Pooling
Alt.Vinyl  AVO52  2014

Side 1

Ice Falls

Rye and Riband Mimicry

By the Spring

Mill Scale

Side 2

Slipping Disc: the Third Spline

Kinesic Remnant 1987

Kinesic Response

Slipping Disc: the First Spline

Enrobbed en Illio

Lyra Reflected

Side 3


Tri Signan

Put out in Silence

Lyra Locked

Angle of Incidence

One Hundred Tundra (K7 Damage)

Side 4

Lyra Turned

Fire in the Snow

Harp's Head Road

Kinesic Response 1971

Whistledown Tundar


Clippings of damaged cloth included with the double lp.


Over a year in the making, Patina Pooling was a trans-Atlantic collaboration between :zoviet*france: and Fossil Aerosol.


Released in the fall of 2014, the album was issued as a limited edition (350) double vinyl lp, packaged in single sheet of oxidized, folded steel that was laser-etched “ZFAMP” in the upper right hand corner. The package includes fragments of cast-off cardboard box fragment (used to protect the albums inside). Attached to one of these is a small sample of synthetic fabric (damaged by smoke, water and ultraviolet light), which was collected from a burnt-out warehouse in the American Midwest in 1987. A two-sided printed insert carries all song title and publishing information.


Outtakes from the Patina Pooling sessions have been posted on Soundcloud, as well as The Wire magazine website.



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patina CDs.jpg
Patina Pooling CD
In February of 2016, alt.vinyl released a CD version of Patina Pooling, with the same steel cover scheme and cardboard inserts. A special 19 minute remix, “Snowfired Signal/Data (en aerosol) was broadcast on the January 16 episode of A Duck in a Tree.
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