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Objects of Disassociation Volume 1
ADM21  2018

1. Backmasked Legend

2. Cassette Opalescence 1997/2017

3. Two Zeros in the Bottom Drawer

    (1874 from 1968 via 2016)

4. iBlue (Lithic Version 12-17)

5. Harps Head (Subtractive Real-time Rendition 11-16)

6. In the Right


Included in this first collection is an extended track (“Two Zeros in the Bottom Drawer”) composed of bits and pieces from our long-lost third release (1874 from 1968). “Harps Head” is a live-in-the studio rendition using elements that were contributed to the collaborative “Patina Pooling" project with :zoviet*france:. "Cassette Opalescence" is a result of the rediscovery of a box of 4-track cassettes from the "Environmental Adjustments" sessions from 1997.

4-Track cassettes from the 1980s.
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