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Nigths and Prophecy Multi-Media Edition
ADM26  2021

1. Etruscans Behind the Manor

2. Somewhat Late in the Morning

3. Le Notti 5.1

4. Fake Tomb #1

5. A Sunlit Horde

6. Notti Reliquary

7. Notti SPX90

8. Control Track Damage

9. VHS Interlude

10. Fake Tomb #2

11. Notti Outro / Intro

12. Fake Tomb #2.5 (NTSC Mix)


To adapt to the cassette format of the 2020 release, several tracks were left behind. The following year, we released the complete set of tracks from the original Fossil Aerosol sessions, as originally mastered for CD. This edition also included a special remix of one of the longer tracks (#12), as well as three short videos (totaling over 20 minutes) made from the original source material by filmmaker Matthew Konicek. These films are the closest visual expression of Fossil Aerosol that we have yet to see, and capture the character of the damaged fake decay of the early 1980s quite effectively.

Notti Reliquary, by Matthew Konicek 2021
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