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Nigths and Profecy 
HMS056  2020

SIDE A: Fossil Aerosol

1. Etruscans Behind the Manor

2. Somewhat Late in the Morning

3. Fake Tomb #1

4. Notti Reliquary

5. Notti SPX90

6. VHS Interlude

7. Fake Tom #2

8. Notti Outro / Intro


SIDE B: 400 Lonely Things

1. Vestronomicon

2. My Little Show

3. The Secret

4. Arc Nexus Moon

5. Profecy of the Black Spider



Fossil Aerosol and 400 Lonely Things worked separately on this project, however a careful listen will find that each band chose very similar samples from the film. Both bands have also subsequently released full length albums from these sessions.

A sunlit horde, 1980.
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