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Abandoned St. Louis
St. Louis 1990
The powerhouse for the United Railways Streetcar Company, located near the intersection of 39th Street and Park Avenue in St. Louis, had been empty for a long time when we began visiting the ruins in the late 1980s. The place was near an old tobacco warehouse, a portion of which we were renting as a painting studio. At the time, we had no idea what the big, empty structure had been used for originally, but we were very impressed by the utterly massive and archaic-looking furnaces and electrical equipment that we saw there.

Lighting was bad back then - Miles was using a motorcycle battery and some alligator clips. They slipped off the terminals when were were deep in the bowels of the place @ about 8:30 min into the video. 
St. Louis 2007
The largely vacant Globe Drug Warehouse in downtown St. Louis, 2007. We were surprised by the surprisingly intimate character of this massive commercial space and its multi-layered residues. Six floors of faded pop culture, the patinas of abandonment, and fossils of nearly a century of human activity. The building is a U-Haul storage facility now.
St. Louis 1991
Footage from a 1991 trip into one of the more mythological abandoned places in St. Louis - a former brewery, show cave, and "peccary cemetery". UrbEx before we used the term.
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