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Environmental Adjustments, March 1997
ADM02  1997

1. Rotodark

2. The First Day of Weathering

3. PAC 7:31PM

4. Thawed Open

5. Remember Boat

6. Moorlands Adjustment



On the original CD-r release (see right), the core tracks from the early 1997 sessions  were supplemented by three tracks made the previous year. More recently, "Moorlands Adjustment" was reimagined for Disc 2 of "Revisionist History". 

Fossil Aerosol CDr2.jpg
Original packaging for limited run
CD-r 1997. Like its predecessor, this version had a slightly different track list (and different title):
1. Traditional Invocation Area, Automated
2. The Weathering of Mechanical Devices
3. Thawed Open
4. Bridge
5. Lost, Nine Years Ago
6. Desert By Radio, 1956
7. Moorland Adjustment
8. Remember Boat I

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