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ADM29  2022


1. Enjoy Your Beverage
2. In the Lo Sun
3. Fragment (7:34 am)
4. A Vague Recollection of Melody
5. Cola and Radiation
6. Still Partially Standing
7. The Familiar Instrument


1. 10:01 am
2. 10:05 am
3. 10:09 am
4. Memory of the Island (9:08 pm)
5. A Small Craft
6. After the Island (11:21 pm)


In early July, 2002 Fossil Aerosol gathered together for three days of field work and studio recording. The idea was to release some of the resulting studio work as part of the Real Time series. However, the sessions produced so much material that we decided to build an album with the recordings. As the decay spread, the result was a double album that returned to our resurrection roots.

horde burning.jpeg
Fabricating Horde CD covers.
Horde CD covers.
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