A 2015 revisit to the topic of the zombie. A few of the older Fossil Aerosol recordings that explored these and other problems of dead shopping malls had fallen out of distribution by 2015. “Zombi Traditions” includes a number of remixes, outtakes, and other forms of on-topic debris along with previously-released material. A one-hour survey of mildewed American Suburbia.

Tracks 1, 2, 8, 9, and 15 are outtakes or previously unreleased tracks. Tracks 4-6 are remastered or remixed versions from the album “The First 15 Minutes of the Second Sequel”, and tracks 9-10 are from the discontinued album “If You Enjoyed the Dawn of the Dead”. Track 16 comes from our very first cassette release (1987), and the remainder of the tracks can also be found on “Resurrection Remixes” and “Decades of Fake Resurrection.”

1. Retrospective Introduction

2. Reel Section

3. 1983

4. Le Notti 1.0 (remaster)

5. Le Notti 2.0 (remaster)

6. Le Notti 4.0 (remaster)

7. Plenty of Time

8. July Melody #1

9. Shopping Center Malfunction 1988

10. Transmission

11. Day Debris

12. Nu Message

13. Damaged, Years Ago

14. Notte nel Deserto

15. Ramada 7-5-15

16. Archaic Soundtrack


Zombi Traditions

Recorded as a bonus track for the Zombi Traditions album is the 11-minute track “The Shopping Mall Has Long Since Flooded”.

That track can be found on Bandcamp