On July 5, Fossil Aerosol revisited a site first explored in the late 1980s. Located in rural central Illinois, the locale includes the abandoned remains of a WWII munitions manufacturing and storage facility.

At the core of the site is a cluster of 60 massive concrete and earthen mounds, designed as blast-proof and used to store ammunition. Today, the bunkers are empty and surrounded by cornfields. The acoustics inside the domed concrete buildings are distinctive and remarkable. Sixty decaying and very heavy analog processing devices.

Our first visits included primitive video and audio recordings. Some of the latter were reused in Very Early Fragments and Resurrection Remixes.

Twenty-five years later, we brought with us two vintage drive-in theater speakers connected to two mp3 players, which were loaded with raw material used in past Fossil Aerosol projects. Inside one of the concrete bunkers, these elements (including recordings made at drive-in theaters in the 1980s) were played back through the small aluminum speakers. Live processes, mixes, and remixes were created between the two units. 

Some of the recordings made at the site appear on the track “Enrobbed en Illio” on Patina Pooling,  our collaboration with :zoviet*france:.


July 5 2014