In 2015, Fossil Aerosol and :zoviet*france: took their collaboration (which resulted in the 2014 “Patina Pooling” double album) a stage further – into the realm of pliable reverberation. Employing the nearly obsolete format of the 7-inch flexidisc, “Flexible Pooling” consists of two unreleased tracks that were mixed with the lo-fi quality of the format in mind. The limited sound fidelity and susceptibility to physical degradation of the flexidisc intentionally becomes an additional layer to the recordings, a surface audio patina analogous to the rusting of the steel sleeves of the previous album.

Packaged in a paper merchandise bag, Flexible Pooling also includes an access code for the download of an additional, 18-minute extended track. Nearly 30 minutes of music in total.

Flexible Pooling was released by alt.vinyl and Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, in conjunction with the Baltic 39 exhibition, “The Curves of the Needle.”

Track List:

Side 1

Tundar Thaw A

Side 2

Tundar Thaw B

Soundcloud Download (Side 3)

Aperture Apparent


Flexible Pooling