Simulated Mutations

(cassette 1987)

Dawn Segment 1

Mnemonic Passage I Intermission Segment

Dawn Segment 2

Marshaled Islanders

Warner Bros Sequence

Dawn Segment 3

Mnemonic Passage II


Looped from Memory

(cassette 1988)

Concession Fragments

Day Debris (Overhead)

Loop Sequence 1

Cargo Shift

Loop Sequence 2


Cassette Recordings 1986-1996

(1996 CDr release observing our 10-year anniversary. Packaged with fabrics recovered from an abandoned Midwestern shopping center. )

Vacant Concession

Day Debris

Relic 5/13/83



Dusk Event

Mnemonic Passage I

Mnemonic Passage II

PAC 7:31 PM

Miami 1970

Archaic Soundtrack

Hybridized Environments:

January-March 1997

(1997 CDr release. Some of this material was later revisited in “Environmental Adjustments 1997”.)

Traditional Invocation Area, Automated

The Weathering of a Mechanical Device

Thawed Open


Lost, Nine Years Ago

Desert by Radio, 1956

Moorland Adjustment

Remember Boat I

Cassettes & Cdrs 1987-1997